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I recently had to reinstall some computers in our household and everytime I do things like this I always realize how pain-in-the-ass this process is. Backing up AppData, save stuffs from the User folder, writing up which programs were used on that machine, if it's an older machine, note it's hardware specs as well, etc. And the harder part comes even after: dealing with Windows 10 stupidity. So I just thought, why not just collect all the essential third-party softwares to a blog-post?


Even though Microsoft Edge is a huge relief compared to Internet Explorer (and not just performance-wise, but from the front-end developers side as well), I still have this initial repugnance from almost any Microsoft products, not mentioning the comfort Google's infrastructure can provide. And since I have 32GB ram, I can afford to waste some gigabytes from them. Google Chrome is still one of my favorite browser, fast, intuitive and last but not least reliable.

[Download here!]

Media player

There's no point to argue. Fast, small, really advanced media player with wide codec and file format support. It's basically the swiss-knife of media players.

[Download here!]

Compressing, decompressing

Back in those days I used mainly WinRAR and Total Commander to unpack RAR or other compressed files, and I have to say they are still decent options. But for years now I stick with 7-Zip. With this little open-source program you can do pretty much everything: open disk image files, zip or unzip several file formats, wide language support, built-in context-menu support and everything you need from an application like this. And besides it's open source and small.

[Download here!]

FTP and file transfer

The good old Total Commander is often good for everything. I used it for ages, but recently I ran into an issue which made me switch. It sometimes has a weird bug when you can only modify and upload files to the FTP server, but can't delete. Also it's interface didn't age well, doesn't support drag-and-drop and yeah. Not so 2018. So I decided to switch to WinSCP. Free, simple, supports FTP, SFTP and SCP protocols and it's interface is way more modern than Commander's.

[Download here!]


Since Windows 10 came out, Microsoft took the control out of our hand over our own PCs, which is obviously not the most comforting. Of course, they only use it for "diagnostics" and "improving our experience", but we all know they want to see what we are doing on our machines and based on those infos they want to sell us stuffs via "targeted advertisements". Also they filled up the Start menu with no-one-asked-for apps and games, which are some cases are impossible to uninstall. I used to use Spybot Anti-beacon for these issues, but it became paid so I had to find an alternative. That's where W10Privacy comes in. It's interface is a bit low-cost, but it does what is necessary. It has tons of options, can delete useless apps and it's free. Like every other programs I listed here, but it's worth to mention.

[Download here!]

I will extend this list once I remember what did I miss.

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