New features no one asked for - Adobe Creative Cloud Updates 2019

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About a week ago Adobe released some major updates for their applications containing new features and cool stuffs to play with. I recently had time to update and try those new things and my feelings are mixed. If I would have to describe it with one word I would say: unthoughtful.

Photoshop CC

Our favorite software to popularize anorexia for young girls is now stepped into 2019 with features like content-aware fills, symmetry mode (even thought it was available as dev-preview in earlier versions), Home screen which was my first thing to deactivate, live blend-mode reviews which breaks the new rendering engine and more! Sounds fun, right? Okay, to be fair they also fixed a tons of annoying little stuffs, like the 'Undo' function which I simply don't understand why it didn't work like that originally, but let's get over it, they fixed it. Also the content-aware fill is pretty amazing, not perfect but it will improve overtime. Hiding the reference point is also a nice idea especially when you want to reposition a small object while in edit mode, because back then you almost always grabbed the reference point instead. But these are just minor fixes, while I'm still waiting for filters as layer effects, more options to order blending options, wider file support (especially for .webp), something more practical.



Here comes the poor man's SketchApp. Now we got plug-in support which is a nice touch, auto-animation which is frankly a pretty cheap trick and "Voice commands". Voice commands in a prototyping tool. Because that's what I always needed. Why? Why don't you just added a functional animation control like InVision has or proper vector tools we can use to make SVG animations? Why do we have to rely on After Effects? Why there are no backdrop-filters? Why can't we lock object position for scrolling? Why there are no blend modes? Why can't you use video loops as backgrounds? The biggest feature in the new XD is the Illustrator file support. Really? Is this a fucking joke? Adobe XD must be a side project for the company because they clearly don't give a shit about what users really need. For Windows users you best option is still InVision, and as a Mac user I don't understand why would anyone use XD. Man I really need to install a Hackintosh.


Illustrator CC

I'm not using it very frequently but here I feel they actually made more sensible improvements. Freeform gradients is pretty cool, you can make unique stuffs with it, global editing was also a great idea, visual font browsing is like "why we don't have this in Photoshop" feature, customizable toolbar was kind of expected since it's in Photoshop for ages, trim view is one of my favorite, now I don't have to mask all of those stuffs with another object and the puppet warp enhancement even though I don't use it looks pretty cool and important for those who do. 

So yep, that's the situation, overall it's not the update I was looking for. Sure, there are some quality-of-live improvements but nothing ground breaking. The new Adobe Sensei AI still has to wait to show it's true benefits because the current tools it has are almost unnoticable. 

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