About a week ago Adobe released some major updates for their applications containing new features and cool stuffs to play with. I recently had time to update and try those new things and my feelings are mixed. If I would have to describe it with one word I would say: unthoughtful.

I recently had to reinstall some computers in our household and everytime I do things like this I always realize how pain-in-the-ass this process is. Backing up AppData, save stuffs from the User folder, writing up which programs were used on that machine, if it's an older machine, note it's hardware specs as well, etc. And the harder part comes even after: dealing with Windows 10 stupidity. So I just thought, why not just collect all the essential third-party softwares to a blog-post?

Until I can integrate the old pages to the new system, this will be first valuable content on this site. For those who finds this page from Behance, there's no need to explain what this post is all about, but if you came straight from the site, I suggest you to visit this page first. For those who just looking for the download link, [Here it is!] Let's jump right into it.

I already made minor changes in the look, meanwhile I started to rework the mobile view and began using Adobe XD to mock up my ideas. Pictures coming soon. Also, 'Misc' folder is now available again [here!]. Not all the stuffs working tho, since we switched to HTTPS protocol. For your safety.

I started to rewrite the old skin to a new CMS to make my job easier with the website in the future. Meanwhile, I'm uploading all my works on Behance, so I won't be without portfolio. As long as the new skin isn't ready, I'm using one from the built-in store with some modifications.